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Books With A Past has recently partnered with an online proofreading and editing service, Ivy League Proofreaders!
Ivy League Proofreaders has a long history of business and academic editing, including everything from weekly newsletters to thousand-page textbooks. With this partnership, we’re also able to offer professional editing of manuscripts and book proposals. As booksellers (and grammar geeks), we’re able to give a perspective on what the publishing industry wants. Combine that with Ivy League Proofreaders’ expertise in business and academia, and we have a one-stop editing shop!
There is more to editing than spell-check.  A good editor will help improve sentence structure, paragraph transitions, and overall argument as well as providing constructive criticism on content and writing style.  

Sample projects:

  • Midterm/final papers
  • College application essays
  • Business reports
  • Academic publications
  • Full-length books (both fiction and non-fiction)