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Trade Your Books For Store Credit
A day in the life of our buyer: new books come in every day!

We offer store credit only in exchange for books.  If you prefer cash, the closest stores that buy for cash are Second Edition in Columbia and Wonder Book in Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Hagerstown, MD.
Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:30 – 2:30 you can bring in one small box/bag of books to either location. No appointment needed! (However, one large storage bin needs an appointment!!!)
If you have 2 or more boxes/bags we do ask that you make an appointment.
To make an appointment in Glenwood, please call (410) 489-2705. To make an appointment in Savage Mill, please call (443) 753-3131.

We no longer take Computer/Business books published before 2012.

For hardback Fiction (general, mystery, sci-fi, etc) we are going to be more selective:

  •  Recent release, classic, or unique plot
  •  No water damage
  •  Must have dust jacket
  •  Tight spine
  •  Clean
The standard disclaimer:
We cannot take antiquated books, encyclopedias or any books that are torn, mildewed, musty or moldy. We can only look at the number of books that you tell us you are bringing in.  If you make an appointment for two boxes of books and bring 20 boxes (this has happened!!), we can only look at the two boxes for which we have allocated time and space.